WhoWhatWhenWhereWhy? So many question(s). The answers are secret, difficult to nail down, and, oh wait, here they are. That was easy.

Me. Oh, more is needed, I assume. I am the eponymous Neil, who likes to write. It’s a hobby to be sure, though I would be willing to make it an occupation should someone decide to float me a few klubecks.

A klubeck. It’s a movie reference. That’s not what you meant, is it? Anyway, the story on this blog is meant to be assembled into novel form once the words are complete. The story is not based on anyone or anything. All rights are reserved. Oh yeah, what about the rights of that little kid? Another reference. Sorry.

Now. I mean, now. How about now?

This active/in-process blog-to-book is at neiliswriting.wordpress.com.

In 2015, I did the same thing with my first story, Last Call for Wherewithal.  Once finished, I took down that site (sorry if you missed it), and put the book out into the E-Pub universe.  It can be found in almost every normal book buying place, like at Lulu for example.

Oh yeah, and because I just can’t resist, I also contribute to a (not) world famous taco and burrito blog.  It is more for fun than literary stimulation, but that’s important too!  See it here.

“Because” seems too simple. I always wanted to write, and enjoyed it when motivation came, which was spotty and rare. I had desires of creating an actual book-length story, but the idea of a novel always overwhelmed me. So many chapters, pages and words. Seemed insurmountable. Finally, a couple years ago, inspiration pushed me forward and forward more. It started with the opening sentence and just went, slowly, from there. Eventually, after a year or so, I finished it. A real live book!

“Last Call for Wherewithal” was done, to a degree, and I felt great that I had finally completed writing an honest-to-goodness (if somewhat short at 50,000 words) story. I spent some additional time editing and then considered pursuing the publication game.  That’s where this blog came in.

I heard about authors putting out serials online, and thought that a fun idea.  Using the Wherewithal story as a serial blog/final re-write prior to e-publishing  seemed like an interesting and useful approach.  Over the length of 2015, I completed that challenge.

Now, at the start of 2016, I have my second story.  “A Hero Named Lightman (One Not Heroic, Non-man’s Story)” was finished recently, clocking in at a length longer than book one (Yay!). Unfortunately, in re-reading if from beginning to end, I noticed that it felt thin in a lot of places, and in need of pretty major rewrite (Boo!).

So, here we are!  The blog will be posted when it is (hopefully weekly).  If a pattern emerges, you’ll be the first to know.  Feel free to use the sign-up doodads that exist on the site.  Any thoughts or comments are always appreciated.

And thanks a lot for visiting. Really, I mean it. Not being silly this time. Taking the time to read something from some random amateur shlub is a very generous use of your time. The world can use more people like you. Have a cookie.


Oh, and feel a need to contact me about this blog, my favorite beer, or the meaning of the universe (hint, it involves beer)?  Please do so, at neilu24@gmail.com.

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