*Programming Alert*

I’ve fallen off the writing routine train and I can’t get up!  Seriously, though, I need to take a break on continuing this serial for a little while, as other projects beckon.  Thanks to whoever the heck you are for reading along thus far.  I apologize for leaving things where they are, at approximately two-fifths of the way through this story.  I will very likely return to it in a little while. Don’t fret for Erke, he’ll be fine.

If you want more readings in the meantime that aren’t serial based, please feel free to check out the links to the right side of this post.  The silly little taco blog will continue for a while, so stop in there for pointless and short-winded comments.  And, as noted, my book (Last Call for Wherewithal) is e-published and available pretty much anywhere those things are sold.  No obligation to buy, of course.  But it IS only $1.99.  Just sayin’.

At any rate, sorry again for the temporary stoppage.  I’ll be back!  Hopefully you will too:)


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